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The tasteless ramblings of Duck

That Duck is a pretty cool guy. Eh rabels and doesn't afraid of anything.

I am the Duck, but most people call me Mel, some call me Melanie.
I will most likely die from a chocolate overload.
I grew up with Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z, Tekken, The legend of Zelda and Super Mario.
I am a lesbian, and I'm a happy atheist. If you have a problem with either you are in the closet and need to get with the times.
I enjoy coffee and Mi-goreng in the morning, Asian horror, and spending hours in a book shop.
I like to think I can sing.
I also love tattooed bodies and guy on guy action. But I absolutely hate yaoi.

I should also mention that I love creeping people out, if you haven't already noticed.

I am a budding writer/artist. I've always created stories since I was little. I even wrote them occasionally, but I mostly drew them.
What inspired me to create stories wasn't any particular book or an author or a cartoon or anything like that, it was The Legend of Zelda series. Only two years ago did I decide to return to writing and began writing them down. Before then I had plans to draw them. Now I plan to do both.